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Posted by Alex on 06-24-2018 at 09:26:05


She keep on offering prostitution services

Reported Stranger call from Arizona (AZ)

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Posted by Maxwell Lundberg on 06-23-2018 at 13:53:56


Romance scammer

Reported Stranger call from Quebec, CAN. (QC)

Daily we received endless inconvenient and annoying calls without knowing the origin of them and this is causing us great uncertainty and insecurity. Our site can help eliminate these concerns, check our call report, free and anonymous. Also you can have access to the most used phone numbers from marketing and collector agencies, insurance companies, scams and charity groups inside and outside the United States.


Posted by Tessila on 06-21-2018 at 15:18:11


Whoever it is is spoofing their number. Caller comes up as US Coast Guard. Definitely a foreign being.....very poor English. Asked for a person I did not know....

Reported Stranger call from District of Columbia (DC)


Posted by Roman Polatski on 06-16-2018 at 10:36:30


Chinese telemarketing scheme

Reported Telemarketer call from Ontario, CAN. (ON)

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Posted by Ann on 06-15-2018 at 07:48:34


Received a call from this number and all I heard on the other end was a garbled recorded message in an Asian language.

Reported Stranger call from District of Columbia (DC)


Posted by on 06-13-2018 at 19:58:51


This person said his name was Tom and was returning my call. I didn't call him and after I hung up checked my phone to make sure, and I never called him. Very strange.

Reported Stranger call from New Jersey (NJ)


Posted by Lil Babe on 06-12-2018 at 06:23:58


Some BS call about buying my damn house in Austin but I live in a double wide in SA. load of crap. Nobody answers if you call back. 'The person on ext 5 is on the phone' every single time. But it let's you leave a message. So I guess it's only to allow time to capture as much data about your phone.

Reported Commercial call from Texas (TX)


Posted by bill on 06-11-2018 at 15:52:51


no one answer on cll back

Reported Stranger call from District of Columbia (DC)


Posted by Lashawn on 06-08-2018 at 17:20:57


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Reported Stranger call from Virginia (VA)


Posted by Please on 06-08-2018 at 04:31:02



Reported Stranger call from Texas (TX)


Posted by Anonymous on 06-04-2018 at 08:46:46


88852161 does not give the last 2 number he starers.. and trend you by saying he will call all you contacts ...

Reported Stranger call from Texas (TX)


Posted by Anonymous on 06-04-2018 at 08:42:56



Reported Stranger call from Texas (TX)


Posted by Jose on 06-03-2018 at 15:34:49


A subject i called me to my whatsapp with a picture of a woman, as he see that he did not follow his game he called me and he wanted to extort me he said that he would go against me or my family that already had a picture of me.

Reported Stranger call from Nevada (NV)


Posted by Jane on 06-02-2018 at 08:17:33


received a call from this number claiming to be a pharmacy that wanted to update my information. Never heard of Pharmacy, don't do any business with a drug store of this name and refused to give them any information

Reported Stranger call from Connecticut (CT)


Posted by Hipster on 05-30-2018 at 09:46:46


I just received this call as well about changes to my student loan I've had for eons! No change. Same name as well.

Reported Stranger call from Toll Free


Posted by Unknown on 05-23-2018 at 12:06:03


This is the Automated survey from Comcast

Reported Commercial call from Pennsylvania(PA)


Posted by Jart on 05-21-2018 at 14:26:31


Got a late night call but no message was left. Called back in morning to no answer but an answering machine saying to leave name and number.

Reported Stranger call from New Jersey (NJ)


Posted by Frederick on 05-18-2018 at 14:28:19


cialis online [url=]buy viagra[/url] uoyfvwi30648

Reported Stranger call from Virginia (VA)


Posted by anonymous on 05-18-2018 at 10:15:24


said my name I said yes and hung up

Reported Stranger call from Minnesota (MN)

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